design concept

Gulf of Evaluation

Motivation:  Does the system provide a physical representation that users can directly perceive and interpret? Definition:  Whether the goal of the user has been achieved as a result of their interaction with the system.  According to Don Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things, “The Gulf of Evaluation reflects the amount of effort that...

Gulf of Execution

Motivation:  Does the system provide actions that correspond to the intentions of the person? Definition:  According to Don Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things, “The difference between the intentions and the allowable actions is the Gulf of Execution” (51).  Norman argues that we can measure this gulf by assessing how well a system...


Definition:  Basic mechanism through which we make artificial intelligence systems predictable and controllable . Importance:  Increasingly prevalent given the increasing complexity and deployment of AI technologies in fields such as healthcare, education, and criminal justice. Examples:  Google attachment reminder.  Professor Gajos, COMPSCI 179 Lecture (02/08/2018) Contributed by Michelle Vaccaro and Auriel Wright