Things to do in the second week of CS 179

Hello and welcome to the course once again.  Here’s what you need to do this week:
Before class on Tuesday:
  • Do the reading assigned for Tuesday’s lecture and submit a brief written response; there will be a brief (up to 20 minutes) required reading for almost every class so the readings and the written responses should become part of your routine for this class.
  • Do the first (individual) part of Hw2 prior to Tuesday class!  This is unusual. This week, you will do part of your assignment during Tuesday’s class, but to make this possible, you will need to have conducted your individual observations prior to the class.
Hw2 will be due by 4pm on Thursday.  Starting next week, all future assignments will be due by midnight on Wednesdays.
We will assign teams for Project 1 and we will let you know who your teammates are prior to class on Tuesday.
Questions?  Please use Piazza.  You will get a faster response that way.

About the author: Krzysztof Gajos

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