Lecture 05 (Feb 6): Coding lab 1

Fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The class will combine lecture-like presentation of material and hands-on programming activities.

This class is relevant to all the future programming assignments and project 2, where you will have to implement an interactive prototype of your product concept.

Lecture Materials:

Required preparation:

  • Install Chrome browser (if you haven’t yet)
  • Enable Developer Tools in Chrome
  • Install some code editor (see the Coding resources page)

Required readings (post your written response before class):

  • Javascript Basics
  • ES 6 Features, read the following parts only
    • arrows
    • classes
    • enhanced object literals
    • template strings
    • destructuring
    • default + rest + spread
    • let + const
    • modules

Optional readings:

About the author: Krzysztof Gajos

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