Lecture 21 (April 10): Ethics and the Tech Industry

As part of today’s class, we will look at the phenomenon of implicit bias.

Required prep:

  • Take an Implicit Association Test (IAT) — you can pick any test you want. You will need about 10 minutes of quiet time.  Note that the survey questions before and after the test are optional.  You can skip them.
  • Share your results (completely anonymously — even though you will be asked for your Harvard Key, we are only recording the fact that you participated in this activity, but no link is recorded between your identity and your response).  If you get hooked and take more than one IAT, feel free to fill out this survey more than once.

Note: If you have never taken an IAT before, you may be surprised–possibly even upset–by the results.  If you want to feel better, you can take a look at my results.

About the author: Krzysztof Gajos

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